Why Are Almonds Seeds So High In Calories? Can Almond Seed Be Eaten Raw?

Almonds seeds or nuts are no doubt one of the most enjoyed nuts in the world because they are beneficial. A lot of people are aware of its health benefits. You may never have given thought to why almonds are high in calories or why the nuts are good.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of almond health benefits by laying out what you need to know about almonds and their health benefits.

Almond seeds spread out on a table

Why Are Almonds Seeds So High In Calories?

Almond seeds are so high in calories because they contain a lot of fat but despite being high in fat, they are proven very healthy to be consumed as they contain monounsaturated fat, which has cardioprotective qualities. 

Most of its calories come from healthy fat with smaller quantities coming from protein and carbohydrates. 

One ounce of an almond seed provides about 165 calories, 6 grams carbohydrates, 3 grams fiber, 6 grams protein, and 14 grams fat; it is exciting to know that about 80% of the fat value is mono-unsaturated, 15% polyunsaturated, while the remaining 5% is saturated — the breakdown of its value shows why Almonds are high in calories. 1

Can Almond Seed Be Eaten Raw?

The best types of almonds are raw almonds. They can be eaten raw or grilled as a snack or added to sweet or parfait. Raw almonds are enriched with Vitamin B2, which repairs body tissues.

It also lowers the risk of individuals developing bile stones and aids one maintain a healthy weight. As long as Almonds are grown properly they are very safe and healthy to eat raw.

How Do You Eat Almond Seed?

The whole fruit is consumed together with the soft growing seed considered the best part. The best way to eat almonds is to moisten the seeds with olive oil, put them into sugar or salt and the next big step is to position them in your mouth. You can also slice them and add them to your vegetables.

Almonds are difficult to digest, so it is recommended to soak and peel the skin to improve the digestibility of the seed before they are consumed. When you eat almonds without soaking and peeling off the skin, it may irritate gallbladders. 

Almonds are medically proven dangerous for people who deal with gallbladder or kidney issues because they have high levels of oxalic acid.

Why Are Almonds Seeds Steam Pasteurized?

Why Are Almonds Seeds So High In Calories?

The seeds are so high in calories due to the excessive presence of fat in their seed but regardless of that, they are proven very healthy to be consumed. 

The fat contains mainly mono-unsaturated fat, which helps care for the internal organs, especially the human heart.

Why Are Almonds Seeds And Nuts Good For You?

Almond seeds and nuts are enriched with fiber, protein, and vitamins, so they provide several health benefits which are good for you. The seeds and nuts help improve lipid levels in the blood, this benefits the heart health and they help to increase bone health as they also contain calcium.

After several kinds of research, it was discovered that almond seeds and nuts substantially increase the levels of antioxidants in the bloodstream, lower one’s blood pressure, and enhance blood flow in the body. 2

How Do You Check If Almond Seeds Are Good Or Bad?

To check if Almonds are bad it’s best to move with your tongue and nose —If you open your almond seed and perceive a sour, almost synthetic smell, you can bet that the seeds have gone bad. The taste of your almonds will be affected to prove it’s bad.

A good almond seed rather than what was earlier mentioned characteristically has a healthy physical look, sour-sweet, and fresh green flavor taste when eaten.

How Do You Check If Almond Seeds Are Good To Eat?

When you pick up your almond seed be sure to take a close look at it and check out if it has a foreign/strange smell. If it looks and smells like every normal almond (nutty fragrance) your almond seeds are good to be eaten.

What Are Almond Seeds Good For?

Almond seeds are good for the massive delivery of healthy nutrients filled with Antioxidants to protect the heart against disease. To an extent, it manages diabetes.

They are high in Vitamin E which helps in skin repair. Magnesium which is also present in almonds helps blood pressure levels and assists with blood sugar control, they are also good to lower Cholesterol levels.

What Does Almonds Seed Do To The Body?

Almond seed promotes the levels of acetylcholine known as a neurotransmitter in the brain that enhances memory and aids to fight conditions like Mental disease. 

Almond seed can be included in an individual heart-healthy diet because it prolongs healthspan and It aids in brain function. 

Indeed, almond seeds are very healthy and harmless to the body. 

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